About Me

Philip Battle

I’m a profesional screever who has something to say…….exactly what I say I’m unsure about, and whether anybody would be interested in reading my muses is debatable but one thing is certain….I’m a compulsive communicator who needs to say stuff even if it means talking to myself all day. I’m a phone-a-phobic who believes it’s healthy to have a dialog with oneself.

Philip Battle (Big Professional Screever)

Philip Battle (Big Professional Screever)

I’ve lived my entire life trying to make sense of it all, and, the truth is, as the song goes….” The further one travels the less one knows”

I live with my partner Catherine and a cat called Rosie, in LIVERPOOL, UK….. the creative centre of the universe!

We both run a company called UrbanCanvas; providing visual street-art projects for festivals and events.

I enjoy traveling, art, photography, reading & writing…….but not arithmetic!

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